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New HAU guidelines on announcing suspension of classes

The University recently issued guidelines for the suspension of classes due to inclement weather.

“This is a further fine-tuning of the DepEd guidelines to customize them for the HAU community,” said Robert Tantingco, VP for External Affairs and Corporate Communications. “The guidelines now distinguish between automatic suspension, suspension by the City Mayor, and suspension by the University.”

The guidelines also give instructions on disseminating information through media outlets, the social network, text brigade and other channels of communication. “Any suspension of classes must be done early enough and disseminated quickly enough to avoid inconveniences and students being stranded, drenched to the bone, and other horror stories,” Tantingco said.

The full text of the guidelines:

To the HAU Community:

Please take note of the following new guidelines on suspension of classes due to inclement weather:

AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION. Classes are automatically suspended, i.e., no announcement is necessary, if the following storm signals are raised in Pampanga:

  • Signal No. 1 – Pre-School
  • Signal No. 2 – Pre-School, Elementary, High School
  • No. 3 – Pre-School, Elementary, High School, College, Graduate School

SUSPENSION BY THE CITY MAYOR. The Mayor of Angeles City can suspend classes in any or all levels due to bad weather, even in the absence of storm signals. When such is the case, the University will no longer issue a separate announcement but will use all available forms of media (radio, Facebook, Infoboard, videowall, text brigade) to ensure that the Mayor’s announcement reaches all its students.

SUSPENSION BY THE UNIVERSITY. In extreme conditions on campus or in the school’s immediate vicinity, the University may suspend classes for its students even without a suspension order from the City Mayor. The University will determine which levels (elementary, high school, college, graduate school) and which sessions (morning, afternoon, evening) will be suspended, and will use all available forms of media to ensure that all students are informed early enough.

NON-TEACHING PERSONNEL. The University will issue a separate but synchronous announcement for its non-teaching personnel.

EXCUSE FROM CLASSES. On a case-by-case basis, students may be excused from classes if their points of origin are under severe weather conditions, or if access to the University may pose threat to life and limb. These students will be excused from wearing uniform should they decide to come to school.

TEXT BRIGADE. To facilitate the dissemination of announcements, all administrators, supervisors, faculty members and class beadles are requested to pass on the information to their constituents. To minimize the burden of sending many text messages, they will be assigned only key people as recipients of their text message, as follows: VPAA will text only the Deans/Principal, who will in turn text only their respective Department Chairs/Coordinators, who will then text their respective Faculty Members, who will text their respective Class Beadles. Thus, each texter should not be burdened with sending more than eight (8) text messages. Chairs/Coordinators and beadles who have more constituents than the others may break up their constituents into clusters or just give them their mobile phone numbers and be available to answer queries; most of their constituents will have learned the news by then from media and social network.

VP for External Affairs & Corporate Communications

Date Posted: 07-03-2012