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Arcbishop Paciano Aniceto, Fr. Lord Christopher Beltran, Fr. Jobert Villacorte, Members of the Administration, Faculty, Staff, our dear Students, good evening!

It’s back to school again and we want to start our school year with a grateful and generous heart. Thankful because you have parents who work hard to send you to school, your teachers and schoolmates, who make your academic life more colourful, and the wealth of experience each one of you brings as you face the different challenges and opportunities in your family, school and community.

These are among the countless reasons why we welcome the school year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit and have a year round of daily and first Friday masses, confessions and other spiritual activities.

Our theme this year “Oh Breathe on us, O Breath of God” describes how we ask for God’s grace to give us the strength, the energy to do things according to his inspiration and through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As you study, build friendships, face realities of life in your family, you encounter both difficult and happy moments. Some of you may have the material means to buy the things you want; some may not even have the money for transportation or food for a lunch break while others may not be able to cope emotionally and choose to fail forever. One may feel the lack of one thing that another has.

We have different situations and perspectives in life. We may also be opposites but it is the Holy Spirit that will enable us to create the wealth of the community. A community is like a garden full of flowers, shrubs and trees, where each helps to give life to the other. The Holy Spirit gives us that sense of direction and appreciation. Why? Because each one of us was given the gifts and such gifts should be used and nurtured so we feel energized to do the things we need to do on a daily grind.

You may not have the money, but you can give the gift of availability and gift of listening for others who need your time. You may have the material things and at the same time have the gift of piety to share. You may see your studies, your parents, teachers and school administrators and Holy Angel as curtailing your freedom as a youth but you have the gift of discernment and wisdom to understand that they are important for you to become a better person. This is our way of preparing you for life and our mission to discover more of these gifts not only for you but for the betterment of society

May the Holy Spirit enkindle the fire of goodwill and peace to each one of us. Again, good evening and Laus Deo semper! (CLASSES RESUME AFTER THE MASS)

Date Posted: 06-21-2012