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To our Dear Grade Seven MAPEH Teachers and School Principals from the Department of Education Division of Tarlac Province, Tarlac City and Zambales Province, Our partners from the DEPEd Region III Office under the leadership of DEPEd Regional Director Isabelita M. Borres, Fellow Administrators, Faculty Members from the College of Arts, Sciences and Education and the High School Department, friends, guests, ladies and gentlemen, a blessed morning and welcome to Holy Angel University.

Today is Day One of the second batch of Grade 7 English Teachers who will be completing the four batches of trainees that HAU is hosting as part of its continued partnership with the Department of Education.

This is not the first time that Holy Angel has this partnership with the Department of Education in Teacher Training from within Angeles City and outside the boundaries of Pampanga like this one. From as simple as providing library books, desks, chairs, bookshelves to far-flung government schools in Pampanga; hosting teacher induction programs and teacher conferences; to offering quality teacher education undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Holy Angel University has a soft spot in contributing towards the improvement of our educational system. It is our school’s way of articulating our being a Catholic university by being proactive in nation building through strengthening its linkages and partnerships with other sectors like DEPEd.

As everything turns global these days, our learners require skills that should prepare them for life. The K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum is premised on the principle that 21st Century learners require a 21st Century curriculum. However, adopting the K to12 Basic Education Curriculum in our country should not be a product of a bandwagon mentality: that just because the rest of the world is doing it, we too must do it as well.

The K to12 Basic Education Curriculum is not conceived without original sin. And just like any other birthing, it, too, has its set of birth pains to endure. The challenge to us, teachers and administrators, is to take this bold step of making The K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum work favorably on our distinct socio-cultural landscape as it did in other cultures and other societies, and to evaluate its outcomes in every phase of its implementation and learn from our own experiences in the field and keep on fine tuning its content and procedures.

We all have stakes to hold in making this new curriculum a success, my dear teachers. So, when classes begin on June 4, each and every one of you will be in the front line of implementation of our government’s K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. And we, at Holy Angel, are one with you in ensuring its success, in the service of the next generation of Filipinos and all for the greater glory of God.

Laus Deo s emper! Good morning to all or as we say here in Pampanga: Mayap a abac pu kekayu ngan!

Date Posted: 05-23-2012