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Jollibee Foundation Regional Partner's Meet

To our partners from Jollibee Foundation, fellow local implementing partners from the North Luzon and NCR Cluster, good afternoon and welcome to Holy Angel University and to Angeles City, Pampanga.

We are pleased that you have considered our school to be the HOST for this year’s BLT Regional Partners’ Meeting.

Since 2008 or for four (4) years now, Holy Angel has been the local implementing partner of Jollibee Foundation for the BLT Feeding Program. I must admit that given the scale of distances of schools and the coverage of Pampanga and Angeles areas coupled with our other institutional projects, implementation had not been that easy. However, we have come to embrace the program because like you, we are after the welfare of our undernourished children in public schools and we are opting for a more focused intervention in addressing concerns and challenges in public education.

Moreover, I know that BLT is not just about feeding the pupils; rather, the processes involved also imbibe the value of participation and cooperation among different stakeholders as in for instance apparent with parents of the pupils doing the menu planning, marketing and cooking. Also, BLT aims to mobilize other members of the community to give their share to the program both in material and non-material form for the program to be sustainable.

It is for these values of collaboration, partnership, accountability and direction for sustainability that we have continued to integrate BLT in our extension program.

For this two-day activity, I wish for a rich exchange of experiences, learnings, best practices as well as areas for improvement. From this, we draw inspiration as I learned, this team is also a support group among implementers. I know how challenging it is to be a community worker. We are not dealing with I-pads and I-phones but people and communities who present different faces of realities, perspectives, attitudes and value system. You are doing this every year but every meeting is a new experience and there are new things to share. We come from different contexts and culture, but through this, we will see our commonalities and as well as the practices that what we can possibly adopt.

Again, I wish to express my gratitude to Jollibee Foundation for keeping us as their partner through the years and for the sponsored capacity-building sessions which serve as venues for us to learn innovative strategies in implementing community programs. May our efforts also contribute in the general goal of your flagship program.

Have a meaningful stay here at Holy Angel and Angeles City. Enjoy our famous kakanin and sisig. Dacal a Salamat.

Date Posted: 11-14-2011