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2nd ECE and CpE Line Following Robot Competition

The second ECE and CpE Line Following Robot (LFR) Competition returned strong, from over a school year of halt, last October 3, despite an adverse weather condition – the “ the show must go on” spirit set the event into its momentum.

This year’s competition was participated in by approximately 110 Electronics Engineering (ECE) and Computer Engineering (CpE) students taking the MICPRONS Laboratory subject. Eleven groups, with 10 members each, joined.

The launch of the competition at 1:00 pm in the Sacred Heart Building’s garden brought excitement both to the spectators and 11 participating groups. The judges were Engr. Gina S. Tumang and Engr. Gerard C. Cortez, from the CpE Department, and Engr. Rodelzon S. Tongol and Engr. Arnaldo S. Gutierrez, from the ECE Department.

The contest proper included easy, average and difficult rounds, where the track for each level gets even more challenging.Correspondingly, a strategic pointing system was followed throughout the course of the event. When the game finally commenced, the participating groups showed readiness for the encounter. At the end of the easy round, the Streetfighter-themed LFR showed off with a marvelous speed and finished the track within just 6 seconds. The Kalesa-inspired LFR boasted next and got the highest score for the average round. While on the difficult round, team Right earned the most number of points.

When all the levels of the competition were executed, the points were tallied and the announcement of winners then trailed. The Kalesa-inspired LFR ended its path to 3rd place. While due to its slowly-but-surely strategy of crossing the track, the Black Mouse surprisingly came from behind and seized 2nd place. Lastly, conquering the prestige and being hailed as the champion of the 2nd ECE and CpE Line Following Robot Competition is the Streetfighter-themed LFR.

The winners all received prizes that will surely be a great aid to their learning. Ten two-gigabyte flash drives were given to the champion team, whereas the second best team received ten one-gigabyte flash drives, and the 3rd placers were awarded eight sets of precision screws and two soldering irons. Certificates of appreciation were also provided to the winners.

Below are the images on the event

Date Posted: 10-02-2011