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Integrated Productivity for Supervisors and Managers: An IE Advocacy

Aligned with the advocacy of the University to extend help and equip with knowledge, values and skills members of its partner communities through its project “ANGEL,” the CEA-Industrial Engineering Department conducted a seminar and workshop on 24 September 2011, entitled “Integrated Productivity for Supervisors and Managers, for gratis in response to the request of the company named Prizmic and Brill Valises Et Compagnie, Inc., a local furniture manufacturer at Brgy. Del Rosario, in San Fernando. In this seminar, IE students also participated so they can also be enriched with technical knowledge and actual exposure to the real world of manufacturing set up.

The program started with an invocation that was led by Kamille Guevarra, an IE student. Engr. Maria Elena Y. Timbang officially opened the program by giving her opening remarks. For the ice breaker, Engr. Gina Tumang of the CpE Department conducted a team building activity participated in by the supervisors and heads of the company. Observably, the crowd enjoyed the game. Engr. Gina Tumang discussed the virtues behind the game; that cooperation and teamwork were some of the keys to be successful in any undertakings. Subsequently, Engr. Melani Cabrera, Chairperson of the IE Program shared her expertise about Productivity Improvement as a key towards operational excellence that could beat the issue on globalization threat. A workshop activity was given to the participants wherein the HAU Student also joined. In that particular activity, each team produced a P&B product made of straw with masking tape. Each team leader was asked to present and explain their product. Eventually, winner was declared based on productivity measures taken by the group participants. As a finale, Engr. Dhon Dungca, Director of Campus Development, who is also a faculty of CEA, shared a talk about 7 Bridges of Work to further motivate and enrich participants’ awareness on the important factors affecting not only work performance but also their personal lives.

The immersion ended when the students as well as the speakers had a visit in the workplace of P and B.

Date Posted: 09-23-2011