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2011 CEA Days Celebration

With this year's theme of the CEA Days Celebration, “Defense Force: The Battle for Glory,” various activities that range from the physical to intellectual types, have been held. The celebration was marked by an opening mass which coincided with the University celebration of Mama Mary's birthday on 8 September 2011. The opening and judging of the exhibits, which highlight the annual celebration, was also held on the 1st day.

The different departments composed of faculty and students tandem showed their wits and talents in dance, sports, and in various physical challenging events. Students competed in honest-to-goodness beauty contest and in the funny version of a beauty contest called "Aguman Sanduk" which served as the culminating activity of the 3-day fun-filled program.

The activities have been made possible through the efforts of Marthon Leonen, the College Student Council Chair, and the other council officers and organization heads.

From the controversies and issues raised, lessons worth learning emerged.

Date Posted: 09-07-2011