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2nd Epaulette and Four-in-Hand Ceremony

Good afternoon!

At the outset, let me express my appreciation and warm felicitations for the holding of the 2nd epaulette and four in hand ceremony of the College of Criminal Justice Education & Forensics. This ceremony clearly signifies the importance of your uniform and the ornaments that go with it.

Now that you are required to wear the complete attire, this means that you have a responsibility to wear it properly and completely. This gives you a distinct mark of discipline, responsibility and pride for your College. The University expects much from you as you model who you will be as a law enforcer, military officer, a forensic practitioner.

In the years that you will be staying in Holy Angel, we expect you to perform very well in all your academic subjects in preparation for your board examination after graduation. It is for this reason that we are making your academic environment conducive to your studies because it is the same environment that becomes your laboratory of life.

The faculty members who handle your subjects are experts in their field and it is your task to discuss, communicate and correspond with them regarding your subject requirements and extra academic responsibilities. The University Library is equipped with online materials and print and non-print references that aim to enrich your classroom discussion. We expect you to maximize all learning opportunities provided to you in the classroom, in the academic facilities of the University as well as in your laboratory requirements which are held outside the premises.

As you live each day of your academic life in the University, keep in your heart the motto, LAUS DEO SEMPER (PRAISE TO GOD ALWAYS).


Date Posted: 08-25-2011