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International Workshop on Enhancing Teaching and Learning of Software Development

On August 12, 2011, the Holy Angel University Graduate School of Engineering in partnership with the HAU College of Information and Technology and the Department of Computer Science Graduate Program of the University of North Dakota conducted the International Workshop on Enhancing Teaching and Learning of Software Development. The workshop was participated by 34 faculty members of different universities and colleges in Region III.

Dr. Emanuel Grant, Director of the Graduate Program of the Department of Computer Science, University of North Dakota led the plenary session of the workshop, discussing the status report of the International Collaborative Software Engineering Teaching and Research Project where the Holy Angel University and HELP University College of Malaysia were participating universities.

According to Dr. Grant, Software development is viewed as one of the cornerstones of computer science, yet the teaching of the subject is not standardized enough to facilitate a sharing of teaching resources across departments, nor institutions. This problem is exemplified by the diversity of topics, which may be taught in a software development courses. If this problem can be solved by the establishment of an open framework for developing software development teaching material (lectures, examinations, assignments, and course projects), teaching assessment process, best practices, and delivery platforms then there would be an environment for the sharing and structuring of common software development curricula in an international context.

During the breakout session of the workshop, four (4) small panel discussion groups were formed discussing the following topics on computing essentials, software modeling/analysis and design, software verification/validation and evolution, and professional practice and software management. The topics were derived from the 2004 curriculum guidelines for undergraduate degree programs in software engineering of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery. Dean Joseph Esquivel of CICT together with the Dr. Raquel Rivera, Jannet Redoban, and Wilson Concepcion served as moderators during the breakout session.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were able to identify and examine ways to improve the teaching of software development. From that exposure, participants were able to make appropriate use of multi-media aids and new techniques in teaching software development. Finally, participants have contributed to and able to make use of on-line resources for teaching software development.

Date Posted: 08-11-2011