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APL. DE AP visit

To Apl. de. Ap, the HP group led by its country head –– Mr. Alberto Mateo, our partners from Ayala Foundation led by Ms. Maritoni Ortigas, students, guests from the media, friends, welcome to Holy Angel University.

Last March, we celebrated together the blessing of the Apl. de. Ap Music Studio and Library and now, five months after, we are gathered once again, this time for the presentation of how the Music Studio and Library equipment and services will be utilized and implemented. We also have pieces of good news as I understand that the musical instruments donated by Black Eyed Peas led by Apl are now being shipped from the US to be housed in the studio, and that today, our friends from Hewlett-Packard (HP) are here to present their donation of touch screen units intended for musical recording.

The challenge now rests on how the facility and the sets of equipment could be utilized in service to the poor, deserving and talented in-school and out-of school youth as Apl has envisioned it to be. It is now our task here at Holy Angel together with Ayala Foundation and Sapangbato National High School to spot talents, to develop them, and to enable them to move a step further to reach their dreams.

Present here with us today are the scholars that Apl is sending to college through his scholarship program. These scholars will also help us maintain the facility and will assist us in the studio services, enabling them to pay forward by assisting fellow students and youth who will make use of the studio.

Through our collaboration, we are now starting to realize the initial steps we aimed five months ago. Nonetheless, our endeavors’ call for our continued partnership resounds much stronger since a lot more has to be done to make the studio and library fully alive; thereby, animating Apl’s dream for the young people.

Thank you for gracing the occasion with your presence and good afternoon.

Date Posted: 08-15-2011