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College Academic Recognition Program

To the University President, Members of the Faculty, Dear Honor Students, Beloved Parents and Guardians, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

At the onset I wish to congratulate you, dear students, for successfully making it to the honors list for the 2nd Semester of School Year 2010-2011. I also greet and commend you, dear parents, for coming today to join your sons and daughters in receiving their much deserved awards. Their inclusion in the President’s List or Deans’ List is but an indication of the time, attention and effort they have poured out to their studies, not to mention of course the moral and financial support they have received from you, their parents. Their accomplishments speak well of that productive chemistry among heredity, home life, school life, environment, and personal factors that have positively acted together to produce the achievers that are in them.

My dear students, achieving one goal opens the door for you to aspire for higher ones. The quest for excellence does not, and should not, stop with the conclusion of one Recognition Program. Remember, if you were able to do it last sem., you can do it again this sem., and if you can hurdle the challenges this sem., you can perfect your craft until graduation day. After graduation, the board examination awaits you. Just like our recent graduates ─ Arnold Isip who made it to 8th place in the May 2011 CPA licensure examination and Reynilan Dimal who scored highest in the April 2011 ECE board examination, you, too, have the potential to top the Board. And soon, the world of work will be waiting for you as well. Just as many of our alumni are now the acknowledged leaders, prime movers and key employees of companies and institutions in Angeles City, in other parts of the country, and even abroad, you, too, are expected to make a difference when you step out of the University. We are counting on you for your victory. At the end of the day, we do hope to say without reservation that, “Indeed, Holy Angel has prepared you for life.”

May I therefore, challenge you to continue the good thing that you have started. Just like a farmer who has planted good seeds, patiently cultivate the soil and keep it fertile. Nourish your seeds with water and sunshine, and protect them from the harsh forces of nature. In due time the plants will grow and bear much fruit ─ much more than there is for the asking.

Again, congratulations.

Laus Deo semper…. Welcome to the Academic Recognition Program 2011.

Date Posted: 07-25-2011