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Mass of the Holy Spirit(College)

Arcbishop Paciano Aniceto, Fr. Francis Mallari, Fr. Jobert Villacorte, Members of the Administration, Faculty, Staff, our dear Students, good evening!

Laus Deo Semper, Praise to God always, our University motto, has served as an inspiration to Holy Angel. It is for the same reason that we open our School Year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit. All of us are gathered here as one big family to praise God, to thank Him for all our blessings, and to ask Him to give each one of us the strength and the perseverance to face the challenges and opportunities that come our way this school year.

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all new members of the University community and to those of you returning after the summer break.

I am often asked by nostalgic alumni why the campus needs to grow and change. I tell them that the best Universities not only respond to change, they lead it. And so, new ideas and ways of thinking are born, advances in technology create new fields and old buildings crumble. Holy Angel must be both intellectually and materially at the forefront of discovering and change.

But it’s people who make a University great. We want to attract and invest in the most talented students, those likely to take fullest advantage of their experience at HAU. Higher education is a critical part of building their future. And we, your administrators and faculty will do all we can to help you, but you must help yourself.

Work hard! Show up for class and study! Reach out and make friends. There’s so much to learn from them.

It’s really up to you. You won’t be able to get these years back, so promise that you’ll work hard from this day forward.

As your President, my personal mission is to help you realize your dreams. I am one with your parents and faculty members to support, inspire and guide you as you complete your academic degree and I want to see you at one of the graduation ceremonies in a few years.

Welcome back and welcome to your second home!

Date Posted: 06-16-2011