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Narsing Cabiasa 2011, A Regional Inter-Nursing School Academic Quiz Bee

Dear Contestants and Coaches, Deans and Faculty of Nursing Schools, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good afternoon. With open arms, I welcome you to Holy Angel University as you hold the “Narsing Cabiasa 2011,” which I as I see in your program, is the longest running regional inter-Nursing school academic quiz bee in the country today.

Stephen Covey, in his 1989 book entitled Seven Habits of Highly Effective People said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Applying this sound principle, I trust that you are starting this academic competition with your goals and objectives clearly and concisely set. May you realize your targets with respect to the broadening and deepening of nursing knowledge and competencies on one hand, and the promotion of brotherhood, sisterhood, collegiality and camaraderie among nursing students in Region 3, on the other hand.

Aligned with our thrust of making Holy Angel a hub or a center of intellectual and professional activities in this part of the country, the academic community which I represent can only be glad with your choice of our school as the venue for your quiz bee. May your stay be pleasant and may this event be only the first of many other collaborative projects and programs that will follow.

Again, I say in Kapampangan, “Malaus kayu Holy Angel.” May the Narsing Cabiasa proceed in the spirit of our University motto, Laus Deo semper… Praise be to God always.

Date Posted: 04-28-2011