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Academic Recognition Program for High School Honor Students

Dear Honor Students and their proud Parents, Administrators and Teachers of the High School Department, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning.

Holy Angel University, as a learning institution, pursues as its primary vision academic excellence among its students. Thus we in Administration are delighted whenever at the end of the year we see a harvest of academic achievements by honor students like this dynamic group that we have today; hence the conduct of the yearly Academic Recognition Program.

My dear honor students, to be a member of the honor roll is not easy. It demands a combination of genes/heredity and environment, of intelligence and hard work, and of diligence and passion. It requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline ─ of constant study and of unwavering effort to attain the goal.

My dear students, you have measured up to this great challenge. Congratulations! By so doing you have made your parents proud. You have made your teachers feel rewarded, and your school fulfilled.

Academic excellence, however, is not a one-shot goal. It doesn’t end when one receives a medal or a certificate. On the contrary, the pursuit of academic excellence is a continuing process. As you achieve your target in one year, aim for a higher target next year. As you break a record in one level, set a new record in another level. After all, this is what excellence means ─ for good to become better, and for better to become best.

It is in this light that I want to challenge you to sustain your habit of studying. Read much and read well; there is so much to learn in so little time. Write ─ it is one way to bring your ideas into a logical order. Speak ─ it is a means to express your self. Compute ─ it is a means to analyze quantities and relationships.

As you do so, however, do not forget to develop the other aspects of your intelligence. Appreciate the beauty of sound and rhythm as you hone your musical intelligence. Enjoy the experience of an outdoor game as you feed your body and kinesthetic intelligence. Learn the value of social interaction as you upgrade your interpersonal intelligence, and see the impact of mastering one’s self as you discover your intrapersonal intelligence.

My friends, the nerd as a representation of the intelligent person is a thing of the past. What we need now are intelligent students with balanced, well-rounded personalities. In Holy Angel, we aim to develop students with minds to think, hearts to love, and hands to work. As we now say in our campaign materials, “Dito sa Holy Angel, we prepare you for life.”

More than anything else, we want to develop students who have a holy fear of the Lord. We believe that knowledge is useless if it is not backed by character. Thus our aspiration to instill a greater sense of personal discipline and order among our students, guided by the most important of all commandments ─of loving God with all your heart, mind and strength, and of loving your neighbor as you love your self.

May you live up to these aspirations of Holy Angel University.

Again, my congratulations to you, to your parents, and to the entire High School family.

Laus Deo semper. Praise be to God always.

Date Posted: 04-13-2011