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CKS Book Launching

Good afternoon.

Holy Angel will be marking next year the 10th anniversary of its Center for Kapampangan Studies. I was at the time the Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy which was the first College to offer Kapampangan Culture as a required subject. It also fills me with great pleasure that I played a part in the creation of the Center in 2002. Today, thanks to the Center, the University is acknowledged as a leading institution in the promotion of local culture both here and abroad.

The Center was officially inaugurated on March 8, 2002, the birth anniversary of the Founder of Holy Angel, after whom the Center was named. Today, March 8, 2011, we are starting the countdown to 2012 with the launching of two books. They are the first two of what will eventually be ten books marking the Center’s ten years of service to the Kapampangan community.

Part of our advocacy is to support local writers and book authors. Book publishing used to be the exclusive domain of the top publishing companies in Manila, namely, New Day, Anvil, UP, Ateneo and UST. Today, HAU is carving a niche in the publishing industry with its small but steady output of publications that are consistently of good quality and frequently cited in national book awards. The Holy Angel University Press has become the leading provincial school-based publishing house for scholarly publications. Since we started publishing nine years ago, three of our books have become finalists in the National Book Awards given annually by the Manila Critics Circle and the National Book Development Board. Four of our books have actually won the National Book Awards, and one has won the UST Gawad Alberto Magno as Best Book of the Year.

The two books we are launching today were written by two local writers. This is not the first time Fr. Venancio Samson has written a book for the University. He was cited by the Manila Critics Circle for his translation of the 1732 Kapampangan dictionary of Fr. Diego Bergaño, which we launched at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros three years ago. The book we are launching today is an updated Kapampangan dictionary which we hope will give our language a fighting chance to survive in the next generations.

The other book author, Tatang Dan Dizon, is of course the best-known historian of Angeles City. He is the son of the great visual artist from Bacolor, Vicente Alvarez Dizon, who once beat the surrealist painter Salvador Dali in an international painting competition in the US. Tatang Dan is himself a great visual artist, and his book contains illustrations that he himself did. I am happy that Holy Angel was able to do this for Tatang Dan. We hope that the city will also do a similar tribute to him. Congratulations, Tatang Dan. Congratulations, Among Samson.

Kekayu pung minta kening okasyun a ini, mayap a oras pu.

Date Posted: 03-07-2011