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Lecture-Forum on LGU And NGO Partnership: A Key Element for Sucesss Towards Transparency and Accountability

To Secretary Jesse Robredo and party, to Mayor Pamintuan, our city officials, and councilors, Ms. Dijan and Ms. Apostol of DILG, our partners from Holy Rosary Parish led by Bishop Ambo, guests from different government agencies, non-government organizations, media, schools, church and civic organizations, students, friends, good afternoon and welcome to Holy Angel University.

As development issues become more complex, we can no longer rely on just one department or one discipline to address them, nor pass them to bureaucrats and technocrats alone. It is for this reality that we now witness how groups – citizen groups, the church and government agencies alike – have created new spaces and opportunities for constructive engagement toward good governance.

It is our wish that this gathering will be one of the many initiatives to strengthen LGU and NGO partnership towards good governance and social accountability and be mainstreamed in our respective organizations through our systems and procedures, our curriculum and syllabi, our public service delivery, in our social marketing, and many other components. Public accountability must be reinforced across multiple dimensions, empowering and developing the capacity of all stakeholder groups. This is one reason why, being one of the stakeholders, we have to start looking for ways by which we can contribute in these initiatives through our students.

Young as they are, we envision that they constructively engage by working with different barangays through their service learning, community extension services, practicum, and different apostolate work. Much work needs to be done though for an integrated program so we could help them transform into social accountability advocates and practitioners.

However, with the help of our LGUs and other partners, our young people could be given a greater chance to engage in our pursuit of good governance through cooperation and collaboration among us. When they immerse themselves in the barangays and other public service undertakings, may they be regarded not as adversaries, given their curiosity and inquiring mind; rather, may we consider accommodating them as our way of helping them become good citizens of the land.

We at Holy Angel University are pleased to have been given the opportunity to be one of the partners of Holy Rosary Parish for Responsible Politics in this endeavor.

Together, let us look forward to a meaningful and productive exchange for this afternoon’s lecture forum.

Mayap a gatpanapun pu kekayu ngan!

Date Posted: 03-21-2011