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National Architecture Week

The global crisis has permeated the very core of everyone, from the rich down to the poor members of society. It definitely did not spare the economic sector and drove several businesses to bankruptcy. Many of our countrymen overseas were sent back home as project abroad e.g. Dubai and Saudi, came to a halt. They remain in search of that elusive employment in their native land, hoping that they could still provide for their families. Comprising for their livelihood has become a trait amongst Filipinos that made us resilient to all forms of calamities and challenges. It has become part of our culture as Filipinos.

On December 2, 2009, the Department of Architecture will be celebrating National Architecture Week. The theme for this year is “Filipino Architects vs Global Crisis”. To emphasize the role the architects have in the solution to the global crisis, Architect Francisco “Bobby” T. Maňosa, will deliver a lecture on “Philippine Culture in Architecture”. Arch. Maňosa, regarded by many as the “Father of Philippine Architecture” will grace the occasion with his presence and will open the Architecture exhibit after his lecture. Architects from across the region will be attending, together with the heads and students of DVCAT, University of the Assumption and Tarlac State University.

Likewise, on December 3, 2009, the college’s lecture series kicks off with a lecture on “Green Architecture”, to be delivered by LEED Accredited Architect, Architect Pablo F.A. Suarez. In addition to the different architects attending and students and faculty from the College of Engineering and Architecture, the industry partners of the college will also be invited.

Finally, on December 4, 2009, HAU will host the 1st Provincial Architecture Design Competition. Architecture students of HAU will pit their design talents and skills with architecture students of DVCAT and the University of the Assumption. Aside from the design competition, 2nd year architecture students of all 3 schools will compete in an on-the-spot Visual Tech contest. The day will also mark the launching of the 1st National Architecture Week Arquiz for the HAU Arki students. All year levels will also participate in the Annual Design Competition among themselves to determine the champions in Design in their respective year levels.

One thins is sure, 2009 will be a memorable year for the Department of Architecture and after all have been said and done, we would like to translate all these learning into action to make a difference in our generation.

Date Posted: 12-01-2009