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SPDPR Drama Festival 2009 - October 9, 2009, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Results in the recently concluded SPDPR Drama Festival, held at the Holy Angel University Theatre last October 9, 2009.


  • Best Costume/Design/Props = If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Story Line = Key to Success
  • Best Actor = Michael Anunciacion as Benjamin in If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Actress = Camille Irish Dela Pena as Daisy Wharton in If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Supporting Actor = John Kirby Dizon as Thomas in If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Supporting Actress = Mary Margaret Calilung as Queenie & Almira Jane Guiang as Russel in If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Director = Maria Natividad Dulguime in If I’m not in Love with You
  • Best Screenplay = If I’m not in Love with You

- Confidence 360

Confidence 360 is a story about a healthy lady named Sophia who lacks confidence. Sophia attended an audition but because of her body built she failed the audition. With that Sophia was desperate, she just walk and walk around their place. Until one day a doctor and his wife found Sophia in a street desperate and lonely. The doctor and his wife help Sophia. The doctor made a medical procedure and made Sophia the sexiest and beautiful lady. The doctor adapted Sophia to be their child. Lastly, Sophia gained her confidence and become a superstar.

Main Characters:

  • One of the three best friends
  • Always shy and doesn't have the confidence for her self
  • Kevin Vitug as Johnny
  • Rhea Basco as Sophia 1
  • Milcah Santos as Sophia 2
  • Vienne Mariano as Father of Sophia
  • Katheryn Galang as Jamine
  • Nicole Roland Enriquez as Dr. Frank Wilson
  • Anna Rose Salvador as Dr. Sandra Wilson
  • Anjolo Baltazar as 1st Staff
  • Julius Tolentino as 2nd Staff
  • Railley Miranda as 3rd Staff
  • Nina Krishia Galarosa as 4th Staff
  • Erik Montemayor as 5th Staff
  • Carlo Andrew David as Chef Paco
  • Chester Ticsay, Joy Ann Yulas, & Nelly Ann Piccio as Waiters
  • Mary Joy Santos as Monique
  • Mary Joy Santos, Noelle Sarmiento, & Lady Dantes as Naughty Girls
  • Shierly Ducanes as Stranger
  • Justine De Leon as Host
  • Jade Dayrit as Amy
  • Script Writer - Cheyselle Barcellano
  • Assistant Director - Edna Ellaine Bulanadi
  • Director - Gian Labrador

- A Key To Success

Is a story of a three girls namely Bhelle, Marielle and Venice with distinct different characteristics as bhelle being so discreet and does'nt have any confidence in her while Venice being to confident about her self, and Marielle wich is a mediator of the two. The story goes around with the conflict happend between Venicde and Bhelle just because of a guy, the campus heartthrob. Bhelle gives way and everything but what ever she does, always seems wrong. After the graduatioon she tried to manage to get over things between her lost friend. Everything is a mess, she's not getting hired, and she's starting to loose hope. Until the accidental meeting of their campus heartthrob who made her realize everything in her. She just need have a confidence. So did she have it, and so is her success and reconciliation with Venice after 7 years.

Main Characters:

Bhelle Cruz

  • One of the three best friends
  • Always shy and doesn't have the confidence for her self

Venice Cojuangco

  • One of the three best friends
  • which is exactly Bhelle's opposite, full of confidence


  • One of the three best friends
  • wich was the mediator of Venice and Bhelle


  • the campus heartthrob
  • the guy whom Venice had a chrush with and made Bhelle realize that she just need to have confidence

- If I’m Not in Love with You

The story is about a girl, an ordinary girl who had an extraordinary fate. Daisy Wharton, the protagonist of the story is a plain and law abiding, and never aspire to become somebody. For many, she’s nobody. At their office, she runs errands for everyone. She’s contented serving other people. She’s unconfident. But behind those weaknesses is a girl of talent. A prolific writer, she used to be a writer. She once fell in live with a renowned writer in the present, named Thomas Dunt. She was inspired to write poems and novels then. She gave all those compilations to him, and married Queenie, her worse nightmare. She became more miserable and depressed. Added to her grief is that she discovered that her compilations were plagiarized by him and it was published into a book. The novel “If I’m not in Love with You” was originally was hers. Five years has passed and nothing has changed she’s miserable, unconfident; she doesn’t know how to dress well nor to fix her hair. But despite of all those criticisms from other people, one guy will show her appreciation and acceptance which will soon be developed into the so-called “LOVE”. She met Benjamin, a pop star prince, worship by every girl in town. He has this personality of being too proud of himself. Destiny brought them together to finally meet each other. Their first meeting was annoying. Benjamin was tasked to compose a song and he had a hard time finishing it until he discovered Daisy’s hidden talent in writing. Daisy’s hidden talent in writing. He did everything to persuade her and he succeeded. He’s the reason why Daisy became passionate in writing once more. Until, Queenie came in the picture. Thomas and she were divorced and now she’s chasing after Benj. But Daisy learned from the past and she promise to herself that she will never ever let anyone hurt her again, not even Queenie. For the first time, she felt so much happiness. Everyone gave her recognition for her novel which Thomas had plagiarized. In the end, Daisy and Benj sang their composition together at Benj’s concert. They shout at the top of their lungs how deeply in love they are with each other.

Main Casts:

  • Camille Irish Dela Pena as Daisy Wharton
  • Michael Anunciacion as Benjamin
  • Aira Mae Reyes as Laura Coffman
  • John Kirvy Dizon as Thomas
  • Mary Margaret Calilung as Queenie
  • Liza Sta Ana as Emilyn
  • Justine May Tongol as Marnie
  • Almira Guilang as Russel
  • Austin Casaje as Steven
  • June Borja as Ralph
  • Paulo Santos as Arvin
  • Trixie Aquino & Maria Natividad Dulguime as Friends of Queenie
  • Shelumiel Delos Santos as Waiter
  • Jennalyn Nawi as P.A. of Queenie
  • Alfredo Bautista, Darren De Pedro & Paul Baretto as Technical Effects
  • Maria Natividad Dulguime & Joseph Cunanan as Director

Date Posted: 10-08-2009