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November 28, 2008 iPod: I-Power of Dance

iPOD: I-Power of Dance, from the phrase itself speak about the intensity and vigor of the are called dance. Its energy radiates not only from the stylistic movements and gestures but from the soul and passion of every dancer whose craft revolves around bringing to life the emotion and vision of any musician’s melody. As such, the theme of iPOD revolves around the interpretation of modern and popular music of the present era. The different genres of the discipline of dance include Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Standard Ballroom, Street Jazz, Theatre Arts, Pop Dance and Rock and Roll. These dances are thus flavored with a simple story line summarized in statements pertaining to the most coveted gadget of the times, the iPOD.

  • Playlist. (Ballet)
  • A Memory of Love and Passion. (Standard Ballroom)
  • By Artist’s Interpretation (Comtemporary Dance)
  • Play: Fun and Enjoyment. (Rock Roll and Jive)
  • Shuffled Techniques (Street Jazz)
  • Sync Emotions. (Theatre Arts)

The theme of iPOD is basically the output of the human spirit characterized through his capacity for love, need for attachment, search for meaning and the overall pursuit of happiness, thus the entirely of life. A rollercoaster of emotions sprinkled all throughout the iPOD experience.

Featuring, "Ugat"- a contemporary dance of nature’s wrath towards the many atrocities of humanity to the environment and eventually an awakening of the dormant sense of stewardship amongst human. It sends a message to all to work together and save the deteriorating resources of Mother Earth. Live and let live!

Date Posted: 11-27-2008