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August 15, 2008 Aldo Ning Amanung Sisuan

An inspiring, heartening cultural show about Pampanga and for Kapampangans. It is a show about Pampanga’s glorious history and culture done in various art forms such as singing, dancing, sarsuela, acting, playing musical instruments and pulosa. The activity aim to educate the younger generation of Kapampangans about the rich and colorful culture of Pampanga, being a Kapampangan and to unite the people of Pampanga by involving them in the rediscovery of our culture and language.

The Aldo Ning Amanung Sisuan show was held at the Holy Angel University Theatre last August 15, 2008. Showcase time 10 am, 3pm and 6pm. Featuring the Students and Employees of Holy Angel University. Directed by Mr. Raymond L. Patterson

Date Posted: 08-14-2008