News and Events


It was another success as the start of the CICT days materialized. Various new events took place. These included the Web Design competition and Faculty’s Got Talent. The first day was a blast. The activities were spearheaded by the CSC-CICT and the President’s league which was organized to help out during the 3-day CICT days. The first day started with a mass and a parade followed by the sports events like basketball and badminton which was participated by both students and the faculty. On the same day, seminars were conducted for the students. For the opening night, a presentation of the CICT faculty became the talked-about-news of the students. The presentation included a 3D model of the entrance of the University, the SJ building, the MGN building, together with edited images of the faculty placed on billboards. The presentation was followed by the dance competition, Step Up!, and CICT Duets which were both participated by students and faculty members.

Day two was halted due to some unavoidable circumstances. The P2P (extreme challenged), also PA c++ klaban and Web Design contest were able to push through. Cancellation of classes, office works, as well as the discontinuity of the CICT days was announced due to the upcoming storm “Pepeng”. It was the University’s preparation in order for the students not to experience the same mishap during the “Ondoy” storm.

The rest of the activities were resumed last October 7, 2009. On the last day, the quiz bee and the Cisco Skills Competition were held in the afternoon followed by the RAMP IT and Teachers' Night in the evening. The college days was capped-off with the awarding of all the winners in each event.

Date Posted: 10-06-2009