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5th Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony

A tradition… a rite… The Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony is one of the milestones much awaited by a student nurse in his/her student life. It marks the start of their professionalism in this chosen field when they begin to actually undertake the tasks and roles taught to them theoretically. From being a novice to being competent, they are given tasks to carry out and practice what they have learned of the expected knowledge, skills, and attitude in the art of nursing.

It is in this light that the ceremony is done at the start of the Third Year (for the OLD CURRICULUM) and Second Year (for the NEW CURRICULUM) experience of students in the College of Nursing. They have surpassed the standards set by the college, and hence are expected to bear in them that enkindled spirit of nursing care and service to their future patients.

The White Cap symbolizes the spirit of unselfish, sympathetic understanding and devotion to duty. It is an insignia of their service to others: to the sick and the healthy clients in various stages of development, their family and the community.

As part of the ceremony, the lighting of the candle commemorates the one used by the founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale, when she visited and provided care to the wounded soldiers of the Crimean war. The light of the lamp signifies each aspiring Nurse’s guide in his/her efforts in carrying out nursing responsibilities.

Epitomes of Florence Nightingale of the 5th Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony:

Ms. Marie Catherine V. Bart and Ancel R. De Guzman, senior nursing students, will epitomize Florence Nightingale in the Candle Lighting Ceremony

Capping and Candle Lighting

The University President, Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva, together with the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Marietta H. Gaddi, will lead in the Capping Ceremony, to be assisted by the Chairperson of the Nursing Program, Mr. Jose Henry T. Lansangan and the Level I and III Coordinators, Ms. Dinah C. Baluyot and Ms. Vanessa L. Belen.

The Nightingale Pledge

Florence Nightingale's lasting contribution has been her role in founding the nursing profession, and in the shining example she set for nurses throughout the profession of commitment to patient care and hospital administration.

Ms. Maria Clarissa Y. Montoya, a third year student (Rank No. 1) of N301 will lead the class in the Nightingale’s Pledge for the 5th Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony;

Ms. Jeriza R. Cruz, a Second Year student (Rank No. 1) of N206 will lead the class in the Nightingale’s Pledge for the 6th Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony;

Date Posted: 10-15-2009