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HAU Holds 4th Round Table Conference

The Round Table Conference is an original project of the College of Business and Accountancy, wherein representatives from the business, government, banking and industrial sectors, as well as HAU administrators, faculty, staff and students are invited to discuss the performances, competencies and the weaknesses of the graduates of the College. Conducted first in 1997, it was followed up by the 2nd and 3rd Conferences in 2000 and 2003, respectively.

The 4th Round Table Conference was held on October 16, 17, and 18, 2007, with the theme

“Towards Improved Quality and Relevant Curriculum for Competent and Competitive HAU Graduates”.

This time, the different colleges of the University namely: College of Business and Accountancy, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Information and Communications Technology, and College of Nursing participated in the event. Representatives from various industries of business and different offices in the government, media and telecommunications, medical, legal, and educational firms, professional and student organizations also participated to discuss issues concerning the kind of graduates HAU is producing, the kind of graduates they employ, and the areas of improvement needed.

The Round Table Conference is in consonance with providing high quality education to our students through continuous improvement of the quality and relevance of our curricular offerings. The conference serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding the performance of the HAU graduates and the expectations of the companies on said graduates. The information and feedback in this conference will help the different Colleges in preparing and improving the curricula and course syllabi that help produce professionally competent graduates who would be able to meet the challenges of both the local and global arena.

Those who graced the conference appreciated being invited and did their best in giving their feedback and suggestions. They also suggested that this kind of conference be done more frequently instead of doing it only every three years.

Date Posted: 10-15-2007