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Research Colloquium of the College of Nursing

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning. In behalf of the Administration of Holy Angel University, I welcome you all to the Research Colloquium of the College of Nursing.

This forum is an opportunity for the Nursing faculty and students to present their research outputs before a scholarly but collegial body, thereby fulfilling the College's academic mission of expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the field of the health sciences. The presentations are meant to serve as intellectual stimulants, catching the inquisitive minds of those who are here today and challenging them to venture into scientific and systematic modes of defining problems and solving them.

In doing so, both content or substance, and delivery or method, matter. We would like to see the birth of more and more researches on topics that are timely, relevant and attuned to the needs of nursing theory and practice. And we would like to see these researches conducted following the highest standards of objective inquiry and rigorous scholarship.

I congratulate the organizers of this noteworthy academic activity, particularly the dean, the chair, the coordinators and the faculty of the Holy Angel University College of Nursing. After producing a 9th and a 10th placer, and hurdling a passing rate of 76.46 percent in the recent board examination, this colloquium is another feather added to your colorful cap. May your efforts be crowned with greater meaning as the researches produced by your College find their way into nationally and internationally refereed journals, in paper presentations of conferences, and in the priority lists of research funding agencies.

More than all of these, may you as budding researchers use your craft not only to produce knowledge for knowledge's sake, but to use that knowledge for the betterment of the nursing profession and for the improvement of quality in health care services. Knowledge must be translated into concrete action, and this concrete action must redound to the benefit of your patients, especially the poor and the marginalized. For in the end, what matters is not how many articles you have succeeded in publising or how many awards and commendations you have received for researching, but for you to hear these familiar words from that great someone, "Come and possess the kingdom prepared for you, for I was sick and you took care of me. Whenever you do this to the least of my brothers, that, you do unto me."

Thank you and once again, good morning.

Date Posted: 09-27-2010