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4-day Workshop Sponsored by the HAU-CICT as CHED Center Of Development in I.T.

My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning. Welcome to Holy Angel University and welcome as well to this 4-day workshop on Design, Development and Publication of Modular-Based Instructional Materials, and Educational Innovations on Grounded Learning and Teaching Principles.

This workshop is in pursuit of our mandate as a CHED Center of Development (COD) in Information Technology. Through this forum we aim to become effective instruments of positive change in IT education in this part of the country, thereby contributing to the realization of the collective goals of quality and excellence, access and equity, and efficiency and effectiveness in higher education.

Truly, there is a need for aggressive training in the development and publication of modular-based instructional materials. Technology proceeds at such an accelerating pace, that not much attention is taken to capture the state of knowledge at a point in time and reduce it into a form and language that learners will fully understand. Our colleagues in the industry will not do it for us; it is our job as academicians to link practice with theory, or put it in the other side of the coin, theory with practice.

As teachers, our primary goal will always be the maximization of student learning, hence the relevance of your other topic, "Educational Innovations on Grounded Learning and Teaching Principles." I can only agree that there is a need for innovations in the way we teach our students — discarding old ways that have ceased to deliver results, improving others, and discovering new and better ones that are attuned to the needs of the educational context. For IT, exploring the realms of grounded learning and teaching might indeed work, especially with its emphasis on inductive approaches, that is, from particular to general, with everything treated as datum that may eventually find its way into the emergent theory. This will truly be exciting to the IT learner who, in most cases, is a left-brain fellow who emphasizes logic, analysis, and convergence in his learning processes.

My congratulations and commendation go to the CICT admininistration and faculty for conceptualizing, organizing and implementing this noteworthy academic exercise. Days, months and years after conducting this workshop, may you look back and realize that you have met your noble objective — that of translating all these learnings to better instruction in the classrooms.

Thank you. Laus Deo semper.

Date Posted: 09-28-2010