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CEA’s own rendition of "Sound of Music", 1st Runner-Up

On 20 December 2010, the members of the HAU community gathered together for the annual Christmas Party. With this year’s theme "Life is a Masquerade," almost everyone came with masks to match their attire. Other than the raffle prizes which each member eagerly waited for, the Broadway production numbers of various units gave excitement to everyone.

CEA family performed the Sound of Music with Dean Bacamante as Maria; Engr. Mesina as Mr. Vontrapp; Engr. De Guzman, Engr. Eco, Engr. Rotea, Engr. Lagmay, Engr. Oqueriza, Arch. Santos, and Engr. Serrano as the Vontrapp children; Engr. Flavs and Pearl Dula, and Engr. Dungca as the puppets; Arch. Salas, Engr. Gastardo and Mr. Quiambao as the goatherds; Engr. Figueroa as the prince; Engr. Tongol and Engr. Pangilinan and Engr. Del Rosario as the trumpet boys and dancers; and, Dr. Henson, Ms. Timbang, Ms. Cabrera, Engr. Gutierrez, Engr. Bontogon, Arch. Manalang, and Arch. Elauria served as human props. The performance has been made livelier with the lovely voices of Arch. Hernandez, Arch. Billano, Engr. Tumang, Engr. Pineda and Ms. Antonio. The presentation was conceptualized and directed by the very energetic and creative Engr. Gina Tumang.

For the active involvement and other forms of assistance extended by everyone, a big THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS!

Date Posted: 12-19-2010