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Perry, The Musical


Perry de Leon, an incoming college student, is a typical teenager who has discovered the fun and the pull of his peers and revels at vices like smoking and drinking, shortly after his father Ricardo goes to Saudi Arabia to seek for a greener pasture.

Perla, the devoted mother to the family and to the church has always dreamed for Perry to enter the seminary. Perry, on the other hand, repels the mere thought of the holy place until he experiences the signs of his call, confusing him in the process. In the end, he surrenders to the divine invitation and decides to enter the seminary.

The plot thickens as Perry’s journey is highlighted by the people around him – his family, his barkada, his fellow seminarians, his friend priest and the manangs of the church.

Ricardo, who dreams to see his son become an engineer, chooses to stay abroad for many successive years because of a big promotion he badly needs to finance the education of his three sons. Ricardo’s absence and Perla’s fear that her husband will prevent Perry from pursuing his priestly vocation push her to lie about Perry’s education at the seminary.

A major conflict arises when the truth about Perry’s forthcoming ordination reaches Ricardo. The whole family is shaken upon the arrival of the enraged Ricardo, nearly cursing Perla and Perry to damnation.

Perry’s struggles become more nagging and soon finds himself at the crossroads once again.

Until everyone surrenders to the will of God.

The musical beautifully leads to a shining realization of God’s plan for Perry and the people he loves, and majestically ends with a heartwarming reconciliation and Perry’s grand ordination.


Reynon TolentinoPerry
Fr. Ted ValenciaAmong Billy
Fr. Aries ManiagoRicardo
Agnes RomeroPerla
Marsha NepomucenoLydia
Des DeangSylvia
Vina TayagRosa
Marita VillanuevaApu Sepa
Bondee DinioLucing
Let PanganibanAnggi
Corito TayagCoring
Meng McTavishIsing
Lina VelezToyang
Josie DavidPuring
Fely VillanuevaItang
Lenie dela CruzBarang
Frieda HizonTessie
Vicky SegundoSusie
Caring TanciangcoChristie
Fe UmlasMarie
Beth MasangcayAmy
Divine TulioBaring
Siobe CoTuling
Rina AlarconKuling
Doren TayagSoling
Marygold GuintuAuring
Nor PinedaNoring


JM CanlasDave
Paulo dela PazJohnny
Felix AsuncionJames
Bebong LimjocoEric
Vince CalalangFrancis
Austin AngelesBert
Irish Sta. AnaCholo
CJ PinedaTony

Creative Team

Direction:Andy Alviz
Script: Randy del Rosario
Story:Andy Alviz
Original Lyrics:Randy del Rosario
Original Music:Andy Alviz
Musical Direction:Andy Alviz & Randy del Rosario
Vocal Arrangements:Randy del Rosario & Andy Alviz
Photography &
Scenic Photos:Ruston Banal
Orchestration:Jake Abella
Additional Instrumentation:Robert Bucat
Lights/Sound Design:Dennis Benedicto
Stage Design:Kim Tinio

Production Staff

Production Manager:Rina Alarcon
Treasurer:Bondee Dinio
Production Coordinator
for Theater:Marsha Nepomuceno
Production Coordinator
for the Seminary:Fr. Jay Bascon
Props:Siobe Co
Make-up:Pops Cabuay
Stage Manager:Edward Bernabe
Production Assistant:Edward Bernabe
Spinner:Ruel Bunag
Video Operator:Jojo LIm
Staff:Louie Lusung
 Mak-Mak Pineda
 Pok Bunag
 Drew Gabriel

Date Posted: 11-05-2010