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Beneath the beaming light of the splendid moon Angel Network 97.5 finally spread it wings and soared through Holy Angel University during its grand launch concert last November 27, 2018 at the University Piazza. The concert featured several Angelite talents which delighted the audience.

The launching was a whole day affair which started with the Holy Eucharist and the blessing of the newly-renovated Angel Network and Apl de Ap studios attended by the University Administrators. Immediately after the blessing the student-disc jockey’s conducted a test broadcast through an interview with the University President, Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo.

Angel Network will provide an avenue to air radio, television and social media programs that will promote Christ-centered values, professional competence, leadership, and social responsibility among the Angelites. It is the network’s mission to enable students to develop competencies in media literacy/production, journalism and technology.

Angel Network will also provide a"classroom on air" platform for Angelites focusing on educational program content and Kapampangan-enriching shows. Its soft-airing starts on December 3, 2018.

Angel Network and Apl De Ap created history that night as it freed its wings and took off. It became not only as a beacon of success for the university and the BA Communication program, but it will live on as a real guiding angel for those that hold a dream of becoming part of the communication field.

Date Posted: 12-04-2018