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General Education Department leads FYE2 Training

The General Education Department of the School of Arts and Sciences led the training of the First Year Experience 2 (FYE2) courses in preparation for its offering this 2nd semester.

FYE2 is anchored on blended liberal arts based professional education framework and relevant concepts of Big History, thus offering different courses based on the related disciplines of students. Faculty members were trained on the following courses:

  • Beauty, Health and Wealth through the lens of Big History
  • Visualizing the Sacred through the lens of Big History
  • Managing Resources for Sustainability through the lens of Big History
  • Wellness through the lens of Big History
  • History through the lens of Communication
  • Philosophy of Design Technology through the Thresholds of Big History

An interdisciplinary team of faculty crafted innovative syllabi and modules of the above-stated course offerings. They also served as resource speakers on the concepts related to their disciplines.

Blended liberal arts based professional education provides a seamless design between liberal arts and professional education. Thus, providing a holistic approach in education. By providing the blended approach in education, SAS envisions HAU graduates to posses the breadth and depth of a liberally educated person and professional competencies in their chosen disciplines.

The three-day training was conducted last October 23-25, 2018 at SJH 201.

Date Posted: 11-09-2018