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‘I Am Real’ Campaign, initiated anew

Last 12th of October 2018, a PR activation event dubbed as “I AM REAL: In Review” was yet again given birth by AB 402 students with the purpose of strengthening the “I Am Real: Rising Above Fake News” campaign.

A brief overview of the recent events since its fruition was conducted. Major activities include the press conference and Town Hall were presented to the attendees comprising student journalists and Junior High School students.

The event highlighted the social experiment conducted on Facebook which served to be an evidence of how rampant the spread of fake news is. The specific article featured Pampanga’s pride—sisig, stating that it was originally from China. There were various indications showing that it was indeed a fake article; but absurdly, after 13 hours and almost 20,000 reach, findings showed that there were a lot of netizens who took the bait, and actually believed and shared the obvious false information.

Because of the results of the social experiment, an informative video material was presented, educating the audience how to spot and fight fake news. The three heroes—Jose, Gabriella and Andres—were also introduced, serving their purposes to inform, spot and fight fake news respectively. There were also primer activities which engaged the students to identify false articles.

This November 19 and 20, 2018 a forum on Disinformation and Democracy will be steered by national and local media practitioners as part of the on-going campaign.

Date Posted: 10-17-2018