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HAU gets 3D laser scanner

Holy Angel University has just become the first school in the Philippines to acquire the latest technology in three-dimensional laser scanning to benefit its students and faculty in architecture, civil engineering, criminology and other academic programs.The University purchased the equipment from Digiscript, the same company that pioneered 3D high-definition surveying in the country for projects like the Ayala Bridge rehabilitation, reconstruction of the earthquake-damaged churches in Bohol, restoration of the Manila Cathedral and the Fort Bonifacio war tunnel.

According to Jeffrey Neil Nepomuceno, University’s chief campus development officer, the new acquisition is part of the continuing upgrade of academic facilities which also include the latest technology in 3D printing.

The new scanner has three sensors (laser, camera and thermal) capable of digitally measuring and recording every detail of its environment, including temperature differences, within a 60-meter radius.

Nepomuceno said that the scanner will provide ultra-accurate baseline data for the manual measurement and survey of built structures and even crime scenes, because the equipment can scan even living objects or their traces in any given area.

Digiscript President Conrad Alampay said his company is impressed with the University’s commitment to academic excellence and its desire to give its students and faculty the best and the latest facilities and services. “We will assist HAU in every way we can to make sure the new equipment will be used to its full potential,” Alampay said.

Digiscript has given the University all the scanner’s educational software licenses for free, and has conducted a series of training activities for teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Date Posted: 09-04-2018