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Ever since the first cinema showing of films in 1897, there has been such a warm acceptance of films both foreign and local. In the recent century, however, the competition is tough as more cinema houses today prefer showcasing foreign films. Thus, the Pista ng Pelikulang Plipino (PPP) was born. PPP is a nationwide week-long celebration which exclusively screens Filipino films in all theaters within the country. Now in its second year, the 2018 screenings come in line with the Buwan ng Wika, creating a complimentary combination to promote and uplift our local film industry.

Aiming to further popularize and advertise to a greater audience, the Film Development Council of the Philippines in coordination with the Communicators’ League, the communications program student organization of Holy Angel University, launched the second Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino film forum conducted at the Peter G. Nepomuceno auditorium at the Holy Angel University last August 23, 2018.

Featured guest speakers of the forum were Director Ivan Jason Paul Laxamana of Bakwit Boys and The Day After Valentines, and Assistant Director and scriptwriter Easy Ferrer of Signal Rock, Unli Life and The Day After Valentine’s, both renowned professionals in the field whose films are official entries of the 2018 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

Both directors talked about the struggles as filmmakers and their sacrifices. Laxamana reiterates the struggles he encountered early in his career and advised aspiring filmmakers to persevere despite the rejections they will eventually encounter. Concurrently, regarding developing a script, Ferrer says that script-making is a long, constant revision prior to perfection. On the topic of making a cliché story unique, Ferrer says that it’s important to find another angle to work with. Cliché-ness can’t be avoided but it can be renewed. Drawing from their statements, it becomes evident that a stupendous amount of vision, effort and patience is necessary to succeed in this industry.

The forum concludes with the directors looking forward to the audiences’ continual support of the local film industry. With passionate words left by the speakers unquestionably setting students’ hearts ablaze with charged motivation and bright ambition, new doors open up for the future of those who dream of trudging the road less traveled.

Date Posted: 08-25-2018