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President's Message on the Mass of the Holy Spirit | June 26, 2018

His Grace, Most Reverend Florentino G. Lavarias, Archbishop of San Fernando; our University Chaplain Fr. Jayson B. Miranda; students, faculty, staff, and administrators of Holy Angel University: Good morning.

Today, we commemorate the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year on the 85th anniversary of the founding of Holy Angel University. Our founders envisioned a Catholic school—independent in that it is founded and led not by a religious order or a diocese—but by laypersons, to provide access to quality Catholic education to Angeleños. Since 1933, Holy Angel University has achieved national prominence for its various liberal arts-based professional degree programs. Holy Angel University has become the destination of choice of students not only from Angeles City, but also from other areas of the province and the region. For the best and the brightest students of Metro Angeles, we no longer compete with local colleges but with the best universities in Metro Manila. When our Alviera campus opens in 2022, with a planned focus on the creative disciplines, we envision a time when the best universities of Metro Manila will have to compete with Holy Angel University the best and the brightest students of Central Luzon, Ilocos Region, and Cagayan Valley who would regard HAU as their school of first choice.

We here at Holy Angel University are committed to continuing the legacy of our founders – to provide access to quality Catholic education that transforms our students into persons of conscience, competence, and compassion, all for the greater glory of God. In this ever secularizing world, our country needs strong faith-based leaders who view their spirituality not only as the basis of their spiritual identity but also as the governing force in their daily lives.

We live in a society where, increasingly, the sanctity of human life—the moral foundation of all Catholic leaching—and freedom of speech are threatened, and where the free exercise of religion is being ridiculed. More than ever, our society needs values-based women and men who have been educated in the True, the Good, and the Beautiful; who, guided by the Holy Spirit, have the moral courage to defend their shared beliefs and cherished traditions; and who will not retreat from the world but rather engage the world so that through their work in the midst of their ordinary lives, they bring the light of the Gospel to everyone who they touch.

On behalf of all administrators of Holy Angel University, it is our honor and privilege to lead this university and, standing before all of you, we pledge our commitment to be a faithful steward of the legacy of our founders and predecessors. Welcome to SY 2018-2019!

Thank you and Laus Deo Semper!

Date Posted: 06-27-2018