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DAY OF REPARATION IN MEMORY OF FR. NILO | President’s Message, 18 June 2018

Today, June 18, marks the ninth day since the murder of Fr. Richmond V. Nilo, who was pastor of the St. Vincent de Ferrer Parish in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija and immediate past president of the College of the Immaculate Conception in Cabanatuan City.

Holy Angel University joins the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines in denouncing this outrageously evil act. As Cabanatuan Bishop Sofronio A. Bancud stated:

<“No priest, and no human being for that matter, deserves to be killed with utter brutality, disrespect, and impunity. Every priest, however, imperfect, is God’s gift to His Church and we are duty-bound to respect them as ‘ambassadors for Christ’.”

I ask you to add in your prayer intentions an end to the escalating violence and thriving culture of impunity that has now reached our shepherds. The foundation of all the principles of our Catholic Social Teaching is that all human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. All human beings are willed by God, and they have been imprinted with the image of God. As St. John Paul II stated in Centesimus annus, the dignity of humans does not come from the work that they do, but from the persons they are. Therefore, every threat to human dignity and life must necessarily be felt in our very hearts. Given our shared faith and our evangelizing mission as a Catholic university, we cannot and should not disengage ourselves from the conditions that violate human dignity and the sacredness of human life.

Let me conclude with a call to unite our prayers with the words of the psalmist in today’s Responsorial Psalm (Ps 5:2-7):

Give ear to my words, O Lord; understand my sighing. Attend to the sound of my cry, my kind and my God! For to you I will pray, Lord; in the morning you will hear my voice; in the morning I will plead before you and wait. You are not a god who delights in evil; no wicked person finds refuge in you; the arrogant cannot stand before your eyes.
You hate all who do evil, you destroy those ho speak falsely.
A bloody and fraudulent man the Lord abhors.

God bless the family of the late Father Nilo. God bless all those who have dedicated their lives to be ambassadors for Christ. God bless our beloved Philippines! Laus Deo semper!

Date Posted: 06-18-2018