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Teacher Ed Co-Hosts 8th PAFTE Midyear Convention

The HAU Teacher Education Department co-hosted the 8th Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) Midyear Convention with the theme: Implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum in 2018 held on May 3-4 at the University Theater.

The convention aimed to gain understanding on the new Teacher Education Curriculum to keep up with the global standards together with the Philippine Qualifications Framework, Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), the K to 12 Program, the Revised General Education Curriculum, and the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST).

Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo gave the Welcome Remarks followed by the Keynote Speech of Dr. Amelia Biglete, CHED Director IV, Office of Programs and Standards Development.

Four plenary sessions were held on the first day: Assuring Quality in the Implementation of the Teacher Education Curriculum by Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz, Dean, Technological Institute of the Philippines and Member, Technical Panel for Teacher Education; The PPST and the New Teacher Education Curriculum by Dr. Gina O. Gonong, Associate Professor and Director of the Philippine National Research Centre for Teacher Quality (RCTQ) and Dr. John Pegg, Foundation Director, SIMERR National Research Center, University of New England, Armidale, Australia; Curriculum Quality Audit of Teacher Education Curriculum by Dr. Jennie V. Jocson, Deputy Director, Regional Center for Teacher Quality; and Best Practices in the Implementation of the New Teacher Education Curriculum by Dr. Ethel L. Abao, Dean, College of Education, Cebu Normal University and Dr. Ma. Rita D. Lucas, Dean, School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music, Social Work-Centro Escolar University.

The second day also dwelt on plenary sessions: Teacher Education Curriculum and the Licensure Examination for Teachers by Dr. Rosita L. Navarro, Chair, Board for Professional Teachers; Crafting the OBE Syllabus and Prospectus by Dr. Felina P. Espique, Dean, College of Education, St. Louis University; Teaching of the FS Courses in the New Teacher Education Curriculum by Dr. Purita P. Bilbao, Chair, Technical Panel for Teacher Education; Best Practices in Teaching Internship by Dr. Milagros L. Borabo, Executive Director, PAFTE; and Wellness and Holiness by Prof. Henedina F. Zulueta, Registered Yoga Instructor, Graduate School Professor, AUF.

Updates from stakeholders were also given by Mr. Rolando R. Lansingan, Chief, Compliance and Monitoring Division; Dr. Paz I. Lucido, Vice-Chair, Board for Professional Teachers; and Dr. Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer, Executive Director, PEAC.

Research Presentations, Networking and linkages, and the National Executive and Board of Officers’ Meeting were also accomplished. In celebration of its 50th Founding Anniversary, the next PAFTE Convention will be held in Manila.

Date Posted: 05-23-2018