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HAU's ‘No Student Left Behind’ advocacy to be recognized in October in Washington, DC

Holy Angel University's "No Student Left Behind" campaign has been chosen as a "Promising Practice" by the international advocacy group, that gives voice to the character movement by providing leadership and advocacy to optimize success, leading to stronger communities.

"What seems to be a humble project authored by Mr. Robby Tantingco has inspired a lot of schools and even parishes not only in the region but also in the country, and now abroad. The 'No Student Left Behind' program is truly a work of the Holy Spirit as its instrument in touching the lives of people to become compassionate to the less fortunate ones and enfleshing three of the core values of Holy Angel University which are Christ-centeredness, community, and societal responsibility," said Ms. Norma Bulaclac, HAU's Guidance Head.

Along with other best practices from Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan and USA's 21 states and Washington, D.C., the Philippines' "No Student Left Behind" campaign will be presented on the organization's 25th anniversary in Washington, D.C., USA on October 4-7 during its 2018 National Forum on Character.

Said HAU's Vice President for Student Services and Affairs Robert P. Tantingco: "We conceived the 'No Student Left Behind' campaign as a direct remedy to students who overstay in college due to failing grades, and as a form of assistance to students who skip meals due to poverty. It is designed to inspire volunteerism among students and teach them the value of compassion."

Moreover, HAU's "No Student Left Behind" program assigns student-tutors to struggling students and motivates students to donate free meal to fellow students who cannot afford it. The objective is to minimize failing grades so that all students will graduate on schedule.

"Nowhere is our university's mission of transforming students into persons of conscience, competence, and compassion more manifested than in our 'No Student Left Behind' program. I am thankful to the students, employees, and alumni who have generously supported this important advocacy of HAU as a National School of Character," concluded HAU president Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo.

Date Posted: 05-16-2018