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HAU-SBA Holds 2018 Infinity Int’l Business Research Conference

Dr. Elinor Torres and Provincial Director Elenita Ordonio cut the ribbon to formally open the MSME trade fair. With them were Mr. Edward Lacson, some event sponsors, micro-entrepreneurs, SBA faculty members, and MANSOC officers.

With the theme “Entrepreneurship for Countryside Development: Academe-Industry Convergence”, Holy Angel University’s School of Business and Accountancy (HAU-SBA) successfully concluded the three-day 2018 Infinity International Business Research Conference (IIBRC). The conference topics include: Accounting and Finance, Business and Economics, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and best practices in business and management. The conference took place on March 5–8, 2018 at Holy Angel University.

One of the activities of IIBRC in support of its theme was a two-day trade fair, wherein 40 micro-entrepreneurs from Pampanga, Bataan, and Zambales participated and exhibited their respective products. Products displayed in the fair include food and non-food items. HAU employees, students, and guests supported the fair and bought items from the trade participants. At the end of the fair, the micro-entrepreneurs generated an aggregate revenues amounting to Php182,865 and the top three sellers were named, Cabel Nutrifoods (Php14,225), Chicolette Music Guitars (Php13,050), and Gerejeel Food products (Php12,000).

Delegates from various HEIs gamely posed for a photo shoot with Dr. Espartinez, Dr. Acosta, and SBA Faculty members.

The first plenary session was held on March 6 where Dr. Espartinez delivered the welcome remarks, while CHEDRO3 Director Dr. Caridad Abuan and DTIRO3 Director Judith Angeles gave brief messages to the event’s participants. The keynote speakers of the first plenary session were Dr. Calingo; Mr. Byron John Siy, General Manager of TSB Realty and JENRA Group of Companies; Engr. Jesus Nicdao, President of Nidel Management Inc. and Pampanga Chamber of Commerce (PAMCHAM), and Franchisee of Jollibee Food Corporation Brands; and Dr. Brian Gozun, Dean of Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business, De La Salle University Manila.

Dr. Calingo discussed the “Evolution of the Strategic Management Concept” during the first IIBRC plenary session on March 6, 2018 at the PGN Auditorium while the participants listened attentively.

Dr. Calingo’s presentation on the “Evolution of the strategic management concept” outlined the development of the strategic management concept based on its Asian roots. Discussion started from literature mapping, then establishing the need to study strategic management and then an extensive review of the evolution of the strategic management concept using the eastern perspective – from the 2nd century BC’s Arthasastra to the East Asian Military Strategy Classics to the Thirty-Six Stratagems.

Mr. Siy’s talk focused on the “Succession planning in the traditional Chinese business in the countryside.” He profoundly presented how a simple Chinese businessman (his grandfather) had scaled up and transformed a family business, the JENRA group, successfully. He also described in the point of view of a third generation Filipino Chinese how life was, how the family business thrived difficult times and led it to where it is now.

Engr. Nicdao stressed “The role of business in countryside development.” He reviewed PAMCHAM’s advocacies and activities over the years and concluded that countryside development was propelled by businesses and investments. According to him, government was also essential in countryside development because it provides necessary transport and road infrastructures that will support businesses. Lastly, he said that the business chambers like PAMCHAM, through their advocacies, help bridge the gaps and facilitate coordination between business and government to properly draw and execute the road map of countryside development and economic progress. He also provided a quick overview of franchising, being one of the core business activities in their business portfolio.

Dr. Gozun discussed the “Entrepreneurship research using the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor (GEM).” He provided insights on why it is important to research about entrepreneurship and introduced the GEM project spearheaded by De La Salle University. He presented how the GEM data can be utilized by the researchers to pursue and publish research topics related to entrepreneurship.

Dr. Torres and Mr. Yutuc together with the IIBRC 2018 presenters in one of the parallel sessions.

On March 6, four parallel sessions were held. One of these was the in-house best research competition where 12 groups of fifth year Accountancy students presented their research works and confidently answered the queries of external judges – Dr. Carmelo Vidal of University of Luzon and Prof. Edbert Jay Cabrillos of University of Antique. The judges had chosen the research work of Aljon Del Rosario et al entitled “Analysis on the effects of various economic indicators on the consolidated financial position of publicly listed financial companies” as the best research paper.

In the remaining three parallel sessions, seven delegates from University of Luzon, two from Eastern Visayas State University, two from Xavier University-Cagayan De Oro, two from Our lady of Fatima University-Pampanga, one from Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila, one from Tarlac Agricultural University, one from Wesleyan University-Philippines, one from Columban College, Inc., and eight from HAU happily shared the findings of their scholarly works to fellow researchers. Their research topics delved on accounting and finance, entrepreneurship, business and economics, management, and tourism management among others.

On March 7, which was the second day of the conference, started with the morning plenary session with three experts in their respective fields as speakers, namely Ms. Andrea Charity Urban Battad, Chief Executive Officer of Battad Tennis Coaching Company, Ltd in Hong Kong; Dr. Ni Putu Wiwin Setyari, Economics and Business Faculty of Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia; and Prof. Edwin Quiambao, Faculty of Sales Academy of San Miguel Brewery and the University of the Philippines.

Ms. Battad’s topic was about “Born with a tennis racquet in my hands: From passion to commercialization.” The 23-year old young entrepreneur discussed how a hobby became her source to pursue her own company in Hong Kong. She shared some tips how young entrepreneurs can take advantage of their innate skills and make a business out of it.

From Indonesia, Dr. Ni Putu Wiwin Setyari presented how academic research can be brought closer to the economics phenomenon, both locally and internationally by investigating the gaps on economics research and finding ways how to fill them using the case of Indonesia. She concluded through a model how phenomena can be explained at different levels and how economic progress can be effected from the individual level to the family, industrial, and globally.

Prof. Edwin Quiambao’s talk was about San Miguel Corporation (SMC), one of the successful homegrown businesses with international operations and the first brewery outside of the Philippines. He took pride on SMC’s diverse business operations, offering almost everything what Filipinos need: from beverage, food, agriculture, petroleum, banking, electric, and so on. His talk also gave an inspiration to the participants how they can utilize their talents and skills to be successful like San Miguel.

An in-house competition for the best business plan was among the three parallel sessions featured on the conference’s third day. 12 groups of fourth year Management students taking Entrepreneurship course orally presented their respective outputs to four external professors as judges – Prof. Rommel Lazatin of Our Lady of Fatima University-Pampanga, Dr. Angelito Calingo of Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila, Prof. Estela Ganas and Dr. Ruth Love Russell. The last two judges were both from Xavier University-Cagayan De Oro. The business plan of Mark Vincent Bermudo et al on “I-Wrap” was adjudged as the best business plan.

In the other two parallel sessions, three representatives from Udayana University of Indonesia, one from University of Antique Main Campus, one from Cagayan State University-Gonzaga Campus, two from Columban College, Inc., two from Wesleyan University-Philippines, one from Eastern Visayas State University, two from University of Luzon, one from United State of America, one from US Naval Force Asia Pacific Region, and five from HAU discussed the results of their scholastic research articles which focused on accounting and finance, business and economics, entrepreneurship, and management among others.

(From L-R), Dr. Vidal of University of Luzon, Dr. Avestruz of Eastern Visayas State University,Dr. Cruz of Wesleyan University-Philippines and HAU President Calingo during the MOU Signing

One of the highlights of IIBRC was the Discussion and Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with HEIs Delegates. Higher level management representatives of Eastern Visayas State University, Columban College Inc., University of Luzon, Wesleyan University-Philippines, and Udayana University participated in the discussions of MOUs. Delegates from Cagayan State University-Gonzaga Campus and CARD-MRI Development Institute of Laguna also attended the event. Prof. Valdes presented the relevance and advantages of having MOUs with HAU. Likewise, HAU and HEIs representatives agreed to form IIBRC as an association and nomination of its officers happened on that very same time as well as the decision to hold the next IIBRC in Bali, Indonesia with Udayana University as host. This particular event significantly ended with Dr. Calingo symbolic signing of the MOUs together with the HEIs representatives.

Dr. Naguit together with the delegates from Cagayan State University, Tarlac State University, and CARD MRI during their visit at the Clark Museum.

On the last day of the conference was a tour within the campus and Clark Freeport Zone. Delegates from Cagayan State University, Tarlac Agricultural University, and CARD-MRI Development Institute joined the Clark tour with Dr. Ma. Cristina Naguit.

Furthermore, seven non-presenters and 31 presenters from outside HAU participated in the IIBRC. A total of 13 HAU faculty members joined IIBRC as presenters. About 800 third year and fourth year Management students and 60 fifth year Accountancy students were also involved in the said event.

In addition, various organizations and individuals donated either cash or in kind as sponsorship to IIBRC. These generous individuals and companies include HAU-VPAA, Gozun Cars, Inc., Kenneth Pabalan, Mae De Guzman, Sparkfn Inc. c/o Irish Dizon, Joseph Rivera, Rural Bank of Angeles, S&A Learning Solutions, Maybank, Converge, Samsung, Smarts Telecommunications, C & E Learnings, Zuellig Pharma c/o Marijoy, and V Creative Ads.

Likewise, MANSOC and CSC-SBA offices voluntarily assisted the SBA faculty and staff throughout the duration of the conference period.

Date Posted: 04-24-2018