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HAU introduces grants, innovations for incoming freshmen

An expanded scholarships and grants program that includes tuition fee discount, uniform and book allowance, transportation and meal allowance, and lodging/dormitory subsidy will be made available to deserving college freshmen of Holy Angel University in the first semester of the coming academic year.

At present, up to 14% of the University’s college student population receives various forms of scholarship from HAU as well as from government and private donors.

The new program, which is expected to further increase the number of HAU scholars and grantees, “is an expression of the University’s fidelity to the Founder’s Mission, which is to keep quality education accessible to our students in the face of inevitable rising costs,” the University’s VP for Student Services, Robby Tantingco, said.

Under the new program, incoming freshmen who were senior high school valedictorians, salutations and in the upper 10% of their school’s graduating batch will now get 100%, 75% and 50% discounts, respectively, on miscellaneous fees as well as tuition fees.

The rest of the incoming freshmen may apply for any or some of the following grants which are good for the first semester: P3000 tuition voucher, free 2 sets of school uniform, P2000 book allowance, monthly P800 dormitory subsidy, monthly P800 transportation subsidy, monthly P900 meal allowance.

“Some of our students have only enough money for tuition, with nothing left for daily expenses like transportation and meals,” Glesie Pineda, head of the HAU Scholarships and Grants Office, said. “Hopefully these forms of assistance will help tide them over.”

Pineda said incoming freshmen may start applying for these grants in her office on or before start of college enrollment on April 17.

In addition to the new forms of financial assistance, the University will introduce non-financial incentives to minimize dropouts and to ensure all students will graduate on time. These incentives include individual e-portfolios, a non-academic curriculum, and a tutoring program.

“They will start building their curriculum vitae on-line right on Day One of their freshman year, and it will serve as their motivation to join activities, organizations and competitions throughout their college years because they would want a thick portfolio by the time they graduate by the time they graduate,” Tantingco said.

“They will also have a non-academic curriculum running parallel to their academic curriculum, in which they will learn all the things they need to know in life that aren’t taught in regular subjects, everything from fixing a broken faucet to fixing a broken heart,” Tantingco added.

“And lastly, all freshmen will be broken up into small groups and assigned instructors, guidance counselors and senior students, who will monitor their academic progress and advise, mentor or tutor them until they finish college,” Tantingco said.

“These innovations, both financial and non-financial assistance, are meant to show that HAU is not only a great university but also a good university,” Tantingco said. “We never lose sight of the University President’s reminder that everything we do is all about students, and we make sure that no student is left behind, that we are willing to leave the 99 to look for the one lagging behind.”

Date Posted: 03-27-2018