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Faculty members of the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management (SHTM) presented research studies in international and national conferences this second semester of this school year.

SHTM Dean, Dr. Gertrude P. Tuazon, presented a research study co-authored with Dr. John Paolo R. Rivera of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) entitled: “Proposing an Empirical Framework on Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Tourism Development in International Conference on Multi-Stakeholder Approach in Advancing Research on Sustainability” at Okinawa, Japan last January 19, 2018. The international research conference was organized by Asia Pacific Business & Economics Research Society (APBERS). The said research sought to investigate interaction between Travel and Tourism (T&T) and poverty in the developed and developing worlds to benchmark best practices and mitigate incongruous practices. It also aimed to develop a conceptual and empirical framework that incorporated how the different segments of the T&T industry can aid in poverty reduction and drew conclusions on the socio-economic impacts of the T&T industry of the state of poverty.

Another SHTM faculty member, Mr. Jay A. Aquino, presented in an international research conference. His study entitled: “Perspectives on Fundraising Projects: understanding the motives and roles of participants and organizers” was presented in International research conference on higher education (IRCHE) at Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia last January 24, 2018. The said study aimed to examine the proliferation of fundraising projects in Pampanga. It explored the motivations of the participants and organizers along with identifying the challenges in producing the projects. The answers were generated using quantitative and qualitative approach and led to the solutions to making sustainable fundraising projects. Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Universitas Dhyana Pura Indonesia were the organizing school for the said international conference.

SHTM program chairperson,Mr. Tyron W. Yap, presented a research study, In Search of Greener Pastures Investigating Filipino Tourism and Hospitality Management Students’ Willingness to Work Overseas, co-authored with Dr. Gertrude Tuazon, and former SHTM faculty members, Mr. Richard S. Aquino, and Mr. Ian Bencio M. David, in Union of Filipino Tourism Educators (UFTE) National Conference at De La Salle University - College of St. Benilde last November 23, 2017. The paper investigated the factors that affect Filipino tourism and hospitality management (THM) students’ willingness to work overseas, particularly in another Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) country. The influence of THM students’ current financial satisfaction and optimism towards getting employment in the Philippines and in ASEAN countries on their willingness to work in another ASEAN country were examined through logistic regression.

Mr. Jeffrey T. Banal presented his study entitled “Kapampangan Restaurateurs’ Traits, Life Path Circumstances, Challenges and Coping Mechanisms” also in a national research colloquium, Tourism and Hospitality Annual Research Conference, organized by Philippine Association of Researchers for Tourism and Hospitality at Far Eastern University-Manila last Feb.22-23. The research documented unique experiences of Kapampangans engaged in the restaurant business which were expounded in terms of their personal and natural traits, life-path circumstances, contributing advantage of Pampanga, their challenges as well as their coping mechanisms.

SHTM faculty member, Mr. Felipe B. Pablo IV, also presented his research, “Marketing Strategies of Homegrown Restaurants in Angeles City”, in the HAU National Research Conference on Sustainability held last December 6, 2017. The research looked into developing a regression equation that identified significant predictors of monthly sales of homegrown restaurants and how they affected it quantitatively.

The same was presented by Pablo in HAU Graduate School’s First Research Colloquium last February 17, 2018 where Mr. Mervyn Maico Aldana also presented his study entitled: “Fine Dining Restaurant Competencies vis-a-vis Competencies Possessed by Job Applicants” which investigated the gap between competencies developed by academe and what are required in the industry.

Date Posted: 03-12-2018