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Lecture Forum on ‘Supporting Students Learning thru Positive Psychology’ Held

Dr. Ronaldo Motilla was the resource speaker on the lecture-forum spearheaded by the Graduate School of Education (GSED) on September 2 at the PGN Auditorium titled Supporting Students’ Learning through Positive Psychology.

Dr. Benita M. Bonus, the Dean of the School of Education, delivered the opening remarks to the GSED and Teacher Education students while the resource speaker was introduced by Dr. Alma Natividad, the Chairperson of the Teacher Education Department.

Dr. Motilla’s lecture focused on the theory of well-being, called PERMA: P, for "Positive Psychology"; E, for "Engagement"; R, for "positive Relationships"; M, for "Meaning"; and A, for "Accomplishment". The theory is from the study conducted by the American Psychologist Martin Seligman.

An associate professor, licensed psychologist, certified specialist in clinical psychology, trainor, facilitator, module maker, and the current head of the Integrated Lifestyle and Wellness (ILAW) Center at the Miriam College, the speaker added letter Sfor “Spiritual development”; hence, PERMAS. According to him, PERMAS is the key to have a positive outlook in life. He also defined religion as living on someone else's experience with God while spirituality is having one’s own divine experience with God.

The activity concluded with the closing remarks of Dr. Cecilia Teodoro, the Program Coordinator for Graduate School of Education, giving emphasis to the adage of Christopher Peterson on Positive Psychology: "If Positive Psychology teaches us anything, it is that all of us are mixture of strengths and weaknesses. No one has it all, and no one lacks it all."

Date Posted: 09-20-2017