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SNAMS’ Medical Technology Pioneer Graduates Excel in 2017 Licensure Exam

Seventeen of the 18 pioneer graduates of BS Medical Technology program passed the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination which they took last August 26-27, 2017. They registered a passing percentage of 94.44 which is higher than the national passing of 85.16%. The Professional Regulation Commission released the results three working days after the last day of the board examination.

The successful Angelite medical technologists who gave the University another feather in her cap are as follows:

  1. Richard B. Cruz, RMT
  2. Krishna Mae B. Garcia, RMT
  3. Patrick T. Janapin, RMT
  4. Eraiza Mae E. Esguerra, RMT
  5. Gleny Ann G. Gozun, RMT
  6. Pamela A. Guiao, RMT
  7. Pauline Jo M. Kua, RMT
  8. Lawrence Joshua G. Lagonilla, RMT
  9. Rochelle Dawn G. Maglaqui, RMT
  10. Jerome R. Nepomuceno, RMT
  11. Roana Jasmin D. Tuazon, RMT
  12. Maricar S. Trono, RMT
  13. Victor Emmanuel P. Tiotuyco, RMT
  14. Psalms Iriana C. David, RMT
  15. Vivian B. Labasan, RMT
  16. Benessa Joie M. Pineda, RMT
  17. Ressy Lyka G. Rodriguez, RMT

Date Posted: 09-06-2017