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Holy Angel University School of Education Chair Dr. Alma M. Natividad presented her paper titled, "College Students' Perceptions on Collaborative Learning" in the International Conference on Education 2016from December 9 to 11, 2016 in Boracay Island, Philippines. The conference was hosted by The Philippine Normal University, in partnership with SuratthaniRajabhat University of Thailand and University of New England of Armidale, Australia.

The theme "Innovation and Education: Meeting Point for Development," was designed to allow educators and researchers to explore and examine the interfacing of innovation, education, and development; and to showcase their research on current trends and issues in the field of education. Keynote speakers include Dr. Ronel King,Education University of Hongkong ,Dr. Angela Page, University of New England and Dr. Uthai Dulyakasem, Suratthani Rajabhat University.

Dr. Natividad's study aims to describe how students view working together as a means of learning and to learn how this approach benefits students’ academic and social life. The paper was commissioned by the Academic Research Office in 2014 and published in the Enquiry, volume 13, May 2016, official research journal of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education.

The International Conference on Education intends to: (1) address the need of faculty, researchers, and graduate students of various institutions to have an academic exchange of ideas; (2) discuss the current trends, issues, and research in the field of education; (3) provide inputs to educational practice and policy; (4) provide a venue for graduate students and other professionals to present their research projects in the field of education; (5) give graduate students and professionals an opportunity to examine their research interests, incubate research ideas, and collaborate; (6) promote interest in educational research; and (7) publish selected papers in a PNU book project/journal.

Date Posted: 02-06-2017