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Over five hundred Accountancy and Legal Management students, including faculty and guests, attended the "Tax & the Furious Seminar" presented by former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Jacinto Henares on Wednesday morning, January 25, at the Peter G. Nepomuceno Auditorium. Also present during the event was Mr. Jethro M. Sabrariaga, the current Regional Director for Revenue Region No 4 based in City of San Fernando, Pampanga .

Students listened intently as the former Tax Chief provided brief discussions on some of the tax laws, policies, provisions and frameworks, emphasizing that tax laws should be construed as criminal law which must be followed strictly. How to be successful in one’s field and how to be good at managing people were among the tangent topics shared by Atty. Henares. The CPA-lawyer also encouraged the students to join the government and apply for a job employment in BIR as a way to help the country.

The open forum also gave opportunity to respond to some of the tax issues which the students find relevant, such as the possible impact of the on-going discussions for proposed tax reforms under the President Duterte Administration. The seminar ended with the photo session that allowed the students to greet and have a quick chat with the resource speaker.

Atty. Henares can be remembered for her name-shaming campaign against tax evaders during President Aquino’s administration together with her firm disposition in addressing tax issues, which turned her as one of the most interesting and a well-respected ex-public official in the Philippines even up to this day.

Date Posted: 01-29-2017