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SBA emerges as the Victor during the 8th Annual Conference of Advertising, Marketing and Business Administration of the Philippines

William Banal (BSBA-Marketing), Ma. Chantal Donn Pascual (BSBA-Legal Management), Tom Harvey Pamintuan (BSBA-Human Resources), Alwin-Raven Euperio (BSBA-Marketing), Betina Austria (BSBA-Business Management), and Ershn Yves Gigante (CICT) were students from different management disciplines who sought to defend the championship title from the last year’s win.

This year's TV Commercial teaser entry, which cemented the team’s success after winning the grand champion trophy on December 11, 2016 at Teatro Marikina, Marikina City, portrayed Holy Angel University as an institution that values learning experiences beyond the usual classroom discussions, engaging the students in activities that makes their collegiate life a holistic growth experience, highlighting its institutionalized campaign- "no student is left behind". The teaser offered a refreshing perspective of highlighting student experiences rather than the school facilities, which were the trend for the other competitors, giving HAU an edge among the others.

The team's triumph serves as a testament on the quality of education that the School of Business and Accountancy – Business Management Department provides for its students, ensuring that everyone is competitive and ready to take on the center stage at any given time, true to the university campaign that no student should be left behind.

With the theme: "Essentials in the Philippine Marketing and Advertising: Inspiration, Innovation, Challenges and Implementation", more than a thousand of management students from 42 different schools across the country participated in this year’s COMGUILD Conference that serves as a medium for the students to showcase and apply what they have learned from their classes and to be able to translate it into a craft worthy of the business world’s recognition.

Date Posted: 12-18-2016