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Dear HAU Community:

As President of Holy Angel University, I join the entire academic community in praying for unity for our divided country. This unity must be achieved not by compromising our moral convictions but precisely by asserting their primacy over political and economic considerations, for our conscience is the only reliable guide that will lead us to the truth and the only constant basis for lasting peace.

As a university with a long tradition of producing graduates with a social conscience, we need to be true to our unique role in the evolution of a just and humane society in this part of the country. Our being a Catholic university governed by Ex corde Ecclesiae, the apostolic constitution of all Catholic colleges and universities worldwide, behooves us to teach the truth and to search for the truth wherever it leads us.

Thus, in the face of the recent political and social developments that have divided our nation in recent weeks—Marcos burial, extrajudicial killings, reinstitution of the death penalty, among others—we should never waver in our fidelity to the tenets of Catholic social teaching, the first of which is the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human person. We believe that every person is precious, that people are more important than things, that the true measure of every institution is whether it threatens or enhances the life and dignity of the human person, and that a fundamental moral test is how the most vulnerable members of society are faring.

While we respect each other's individual opinions on these issues, we stand firm on our institutional position consistent with our Catholic identity and mission. As members of the HAU community, I expect you to honor it.

Laus Deo Semper!


Luis Calingo

Kapampangan Version

Kaluguran kung HAU Community:

Bilang Presidenti ning Holy Angel University, makisanmetung ku king buung balayan akademiko king pamanalangin para king pamisanmetung ning kekatamung misasagsagang bansa. Ing pamisanmetung a iti marapat yang miganap e pauli na ning pamikompromisu king pamanalakarang moral nune yang mangibabo king politikal at maka ekonomiyang konsiderasiun, para king kekatamung konsiensia na yamu ing asahang guia na tumaid kekatamu king katutuan at yang maging basehan para king pangmalambatang kapayapan.

Bilang unibersidad a ating makabang tradisyun na apapayaring estudyante na ating makabalayang konsiensia, kailangan tamung maging tutu king kekatamung makaaliwang papel para king panyulung ning metung a makatarungan at makataung balayan king kekatamung bansa. Ing kekatamung pagiging unibersidad Catolico na maka ayun king Ex corde Ecclesiae, ing apostolikong tuntunan da reng egana ganang Catolicong kolehiyo at unibersidad king mabilug a yatu, titimid na kekatamu na ituru ing katutuan at manintun para king katutuan nukarin na katamu man idala.

Inya pin, king lupa na ning politikal at makabalayang pamisulung na meging sangkan ning pamisagsagan ning kekatamung bansa keng mengalabasan domingo – ing pangalibing nang Marcos, ing patayan a e dinalan king batas, ing pamisulung king parusang kamatayan, at miyaliwa pa – etamu dapat itabili ing kekatamung katapatan king tuntunan na ning "Catholic social teaching," mumuna na kaniti na ing bie banal ya at ing dignidad na ning tau. Paniwalan tamu na balang tau pakamalan ya, na ring tau maulaga la, na ing tune panyukad ning metung a institusyun ing nung makananu neng sisindakan o palabungan ing bie at dignidad ning tau, at ing moral a kapagsubukan ing nung makananung deng mayayalipit at magkakasakit a miyembru ning balayan maging lang pante-pante.

Kabang rerespetuhan tala ding balang opinyun ning metung at metung kaniting pisasabyan, manalakaran tamu king kekatamung institusyunal a posisyun na maka ayun keng kekatamung Catolicong pangakilala at misyun. Bilang miyembru ning balayan king HAU, asahan ku ing dangalan yu kaniti.

Laus Deo Semper!

Lubus a gagalang,

Luis Calingo

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Date Posted: 12-18-2016