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Retiring public school teachers in Angeles City attended the "How to Start a Business Seminar" held at the PGN Building on December 2, as a way of preparing themselves to a possible business career after their long years of service in the academe.

Three Business Management faculty members mentored the participants. Mr. Leo Valdez, strategic management professor, provided an introduction by exploring the chances of putting up a business at age 50 and above. An industry situationer was presented by Dr. Joan Reyes, dean of School of Business and Accountancy, while Ms. Justicia Dalida, marketing and entrepreneurship professor, discussed her lecture on the actual experiences of entrepreneurs (the rewards and pressures in operating an enterprise).

During the mentoring session, Prof. Valdez pointed out that retiring teachers who aspire to start their own business should learn how to look inside themselves to find out what drives them, and then to look outside to discover unmet customer needs. These will allow the creation of a unique value proposition for their new career or business.

Dean Joan Reyes shared the characteristics needed to become a successful entrepreneur. She said that the ability to act on opportunities could set the difference. Narrating the life and experiences of successful Kapampangan entrepreneurs, she urged the retiring public school teachers to seize the opportunity of putting up a business regardless of the size.

Prof. Dalida, on the other hand, stressed that while the soon-to-be-retirees are more than excited to start a new life outside employment, there are some realities and future challenges that they have to face. She also shared some reality check for them to contemplate - retirement pay will not last a lifetime and monthly pension will not be enough to support their cost of living. The retirees were encouraged to invest and venture to small businesses. Some type of businesses that were suggested were tutorial services, carwash, laundry, retail market, online selling, or setting up a private retirement community and other easy to start businesses.

The "How to Start a Business Seminar" was organized by the Department of Business Management of the School of Business and Accountancy, Office of the Community Extension Services, and the Department of Education.

Date Posted: 12-11-2016