News and Events


Eighteen sections of SBA's Kapampangan Arts and Culture (YKAMP) subject gathered at the University Boulevard and Plaza San Jose for the semestral culminating activity of the said subject.

Students put together booths inspired after Kapampangan balens assigned to their section. They showcased the towns' history, culture, landmarks, cuisine, and provided free food samples to the HAU community.

They also organized a program filled with games about Kapampangan arts and culture. The program’s highlight was the students' own version of a famous and unique Kapampangan festival: Aguman Sanduk.

The culminating activity embodied SBA’s outcomes-based goals and proudly displayed one semester’s worth of work and learning.

The event was graced by Dr. Alma Espartinez (VPAA), Dr. Joan Reyes (SBA Dean), Mr. Rio Yutuc (Department Chair, Business Management), Dr. Albert Morales (Department Chair, Accountancy), SBA faculty members, more than 200 YKAMP students, and members of the HAU community.

Date Posted: 10-18-2016