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Marketing Bazaar Kicks Off SBA Days 2016

The School of Business and Accountancy's Management Department, in cooperation with the Management Society and the third year management students, successfully held a marketing bazaar last September 19-20 in line with the School of Business and Accountancy Days.

The two-day bazaar, with the central theme being "medieval market", showcased 84 student-ran booths which introduced innovative products to the market as a co-curricular activity in their marketing management class.

Prior to being exposed in a mock-up market, the students who participated in this year’s bazaar were taught how to make marketing plans and were equipped with ample knowledge during classroom discussions which prepared them for the execution of the bazaar.

The marketing bazaar occupied the university's boulevard which not only attracted more market but also exuded an overall lively atmosphere throughout the whole campus and encouraged everyone, even the non-SBA students, to join the festivities.

Marketing Bazaar is an annual event held during the School of Business and Accountancy Days, true to the Management Department’s belief that learning should not be confined in the four walls of the classroom and that the concepts and theories being taught in the classroom prepares them for the real world, catapulting students into a holistic growth.

Date Posted: 09-26-2016