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Karen Davila, one of the most prominent broadcast journalists in the country today, urged Communication students to pursue their dreams in a seminar spearheaded by the School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication and the Communicators' League.

Davila highlighted the makings of a successful values-laden media practitioner. The Bandila and Headstart host's talk was filled with insights, citing the importance of upholding one's integrity in the media industry.

"There is a mission in this profession," Davila said as she emphasized a greater responsibility that binds media practitioners since they have the power to shape public opinion.

Davila also stressed the significant role of teachers in molding students. She said she owes a great part of her success to her professors who motivated her when she was still a student.

The event was attended by AB Communication students of Holy Angel University, Systems Plus College Foundation, St. Mary’s Angel College of Pampanga, Our Lady of Fatima University, Pampanga State Agricultural University, and the editorial board and staff of some senior high school students of HAU and Angeles City National High School.

Date Posted: 08-05-2016