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CEFA.Vniversitas(VHAU) “Population Hoax: Reality Behind Philippines’ Population and Development” 3:00 P.M., 18 September 2009, University Theatre

Dr. Bernie Villegas, officers of CEFA and organizers of this event, guests, my dear students and faculty, Mayap a gatpanapun pu kekayu ngan.

I am very pleased to welcome our guest of honor to our University. If I am not mistaken, it is not his first time to visit Holy Angel but it is always a pleasure to have him around. His thoughts and views about the state of affairs in the Philippines are always as provocative as the topic that CEFA has chosen for this afternoon, as part of its program of development of student leaders.

Population has always been a tricky subject in Philippine politics, especially in the relationship between our national leaders and the Catholic Church, which is the biggest religion in the country.

As a Catholic university, we have always toed the ecclesiastical line. We have always been very clear on which side we are on in the debate on the reproductive health bill.

But as a university, we are also committed to making this a marketplace of ideas, where students and faculty enjoy freedom of expression, whether their ideas are conventional or unconventional.

This afternoon, I urge you to listen to the ideas of our guest speaker, whether you agree with him or not. You can consider yourselves fortunate to have such a compelling speaker come to you to share his provocative thoughts on such a controversial topic. To be good student leaders and later, good leaders in society, it is important to know all sides to an issue, and to learn to respect ideas that are different from yours. That is part of your training and education.

To Dr. Villegas, thank you for coming all the way to share your time and your thoughts with our academic community.

Mayap a oras pu.

Date Posted: 09-17-2009